So many guys that come to date us here in London like to date natural women

and that is what we are all about. The truth is that none of the ladies that you see in front you right now, has had any enhancements. All of the guys that I date say that they prefer natural ladies, and that we girls here in London, make a real refreshing change. We are not into pouting lips, or fake boobs, we like to be real and natural just for you guys like you. We know that you prefer real women, so we are fighting hard to stay natural just for you. Yes, we may have long red nails, blonde hair and wear stilettos like the rest of them, but we know that you like that. That is right, isn’t it? We know that other escorts around London may be demanding, and ask for the very best, most expensive night out. Don’t worry, we are not going to drain your finances. We would so much rather you came back for another date than too spend all your money at once. After all, isn’t a lot nicer to have a permanent companion who can show you a good time on a regular basis. We are happy for you to take us down to the Pie and Mash, or to the pub. If, you just want to have a fun night out, we are up for that as well. But then again, all of the girls here at Essex escorts from appreciate that you work hard during the week. Perhaps, you would just like to come over to our place to relax, or we can always come over to your place. If you are new to dating escorts in London, you should check out Essex girls. Guys who are new to dating our welcome any time, and we will show you what REAL escorting is all about. We are not that sort of girls who like to sit around and nurse a Gin and Tonic all night. It would be fair to say that Essex escorts are the original party girls of London, and long may we stay that way. The local borough might be trying to clean the East End up, but we will always be the little naughty Essex escorts. So, whatever you like to do tonight is fun by us. Arranging a date with a hot girl from Essex escorts is easy. All you need to do is to check out our user friendly web site, and find the right girl. We offer hot blondes and sexy brunettes, the world is you oyster here with Essex escorts. But, that is not all you will find. If, you look a bit closer, you may find the odd black beauty, Asian escort or Indian sweet dream as well. You see, it is quite possible that Essex girls were the “original” escorts in London.

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