London escorts services say that the agency have never been busier.

We know have a lot more dates than we used to have a year ago, she says. Part of that is down to the fact that we have added on other services but we are in general getting a lot more dates. On top of that, Nikola says, we made a huge decision to invest in a better looking web site. We wanted the girls to have an opportunity to promote their services better and even have an About me Page. Now, the agency looks really sexy on the net.

We have a huge range of dates. Commercially, London is now a busy area for business as well. That means that London escorts from have started cater for international business men as well, says Nikola. Last year we only offered sensual massages but now we offer a full range. Most of our business dates prefer to see us on an outcall basis, so this means that we need to be really organized and be able to get the girls from A to B really quickly. Nikola says that she wasn’t expecting to take off as quickly as it has but she is pleased with the result. She says that the girls enjoy this part of the service as well.

Dinner dates are now also very popular with London escorts. We have some nice restaurants in the area and many local gents seem to enjoy taking a pretty girl out. We know that many dinner dates involve recently divorced men. When a recently divorced gent meets a girl he really likes, he often becomes a regular, says Nikola. This is really good for business and of course it is nice for the girls to get to know their dates as well.

The other popular service is duo dating. I did not think that would take off here with London escorts, says Nikola, but it certainly has. The service is only available on an incall basis and the ladies who offer are bisexual. It almost seems a bit like a fetish and the gents that use it are often a bit younger. It is very popular stateside and we know that local chaps travel to the US a lot. This is probably one of the reasons this service is so popular with the local boys. But, they also like one-on-one dating adds Nikola.

I have a lot more exciting ideas for London escorts, says Nikola. One the summer is over I am going to be adding a party girls service and a dominatrix service. We have been dragging our feet a little bit on both services but the time is right. A lot of gents are asking for the party girl service as they would like to hold stag parties locally. It will be of benefit to many of the local pubs and restaurants as well, says Nikola. A lot of pubs and bars in other areas of London have done really well out of the party girl service.

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